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Odds Board

Each runner is listed by number on the Odds Board (or tote Board). Odds are posted next to the number. These odds are for the WIN pool only. They have no relation to the PLACE, SHOW, QUINIELA, or any other pool.

On the right of the Odds Board, each Quiniela combination is listed with odds posted next to the combinations.

The odds change often before the race, based upon the amount of money being bet on each runner in each pool and are based on the number of wagers placed on a particular runner. As more wagers are placed on a runner for a WIN or Quiniela combination, the odds go down. If fewer wagers are placed on a runner, the odds go up.

Odds listed on the Board are all $1.00 odds. If a runner or Quiniela combination wins at 5-1 odds, the payoff on a $2.00 wager is approximately $12.00 (your $2.00 wager plus five times that amount for a winning selection).

Regardless of how much money is bet on a favorite, the track must pay $2.10 for each $2.00 winning bet.

There's no limit on how much can be won on any single bet. Only the odds determine the amounts.

After each race, the Odds Board will show which runners came in first, second, third, and fourth.

The Odds Board show payoffs on all wagers for that race and remember, the Odds Board is only an aid to the bettor. Errors on the Board will be corrected, however, the Association will pay only the correct winning price.

Odds And Indicated Payoffs On A $2.00 Bet

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